Tiger Tailgate

You learn pretty fast in the newspaper business that sometimes assignments just aren’t always what you expect of them. When I was given this particular assignment, my editor had told me that the news release had said that the ESPN film crew would be coming to the tailgating event to get some footage that will run on next years SEC Network. She said that she wanted a photo that focused on the fact that ESPN was in town. After waiting for about 30 minutes or so, the film crew showed up and that’s when I realized that it wasn’t what we had expected. The film crew turned out to be a third party hire by ESPN, so while it was still ESPN, it wasn’t the big cameras, crew and presence like we had originally thought.

We still had space in the paper to run a standalone, so after calling my editor and deciding that we were going to scrap the ESPN angle, I stuck around the event to get a feature photo. Here’s what I got.